Represented in a song

When a song speaks exactly where I am better than I could even begin to. ‘No one knows what goes on up inside my head there’s a new kind of poison and it’s starting to spread… they don’t think I need help but I’m scaring myself. I just want to be ok’ ‘all the voices […]

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I need to do it again. *triggers*

** Please be aware there are potential triggers and direct mention of eating disorders, suicide and self harm in this post** I can’t take this anymore. I can’t. It’s like my head is imploding in. It’s time to get real. No cryptic. Just real. So, some context to my current dilemma. I’ve been with my […]

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If only you knew…

We all have hidden things and things that people don’t know about us. But sometimes those things try to escape. Sometimes the amount of hidden stuff fills everything. I often find myself thinking. If only you knew what this smile was hiding.  So, for this to make sence – I have several medical conditions including […]

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