One way ticket

Me. Something else or someone else. So many times one of these fits in. The amount of times I wish I could just buy a one way ticket to escape and not come back. Or to escape from something or someone else.  So maybe actually. Instead of sending another away I should just always send me? That way I escape either way. Right?

If only so simple. What about me escaping me. What about if there was the ability to escape our minds permanently. Or pain or tiredness. And no. I don’t mean just start taking or smoking drugs. That’s not what I’m getting at.

If someone said here’s a one way ticket for anything or anyone. Would you want to use it? What would you choose? I know I’d want to use it. But for what? So let’s prioritise.

  • Pain – as a fibromyalgia sufferer with spinal issues – pain is something I experience every day and only it’s severity varies. Would I want to send that on its way. YES! Of course! I’d love to be pain free. I’d love to be able to make plans and stick to them and do things I used to do. **Now I know I am not worse off and I know there are so many worse than me. So please no one take this like that.** 
  • Mental health – many things over the years have lead to many mental health issues. I’ve had many counselling/psychotherapy etc and I still struggle. Of course. I would love to send my mental health issues and paranoia away on a one way ticket.
  •  Me – Maybe leaving everything and removing myself from the situation – being my day to day life and starting over – trouble here is – I am then removing my self and taking the same issues to somewhere else.
  • Send other people: There’s way to many people I would send on a one way ticket but that list would be never ending.

One way ticket…. not as easy as it sounds. 


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