How are you?

A question always asked. But how do you really answer it? 

I’m ok? I’m alrite? Yea good thanks?

Do you completely ignore it and ask in return?

Or do you actually answer exactly how you are? 

My entire life has always been the first ones. Yea ok, alrite ta etc. It’s been a real challenge to actually answer the question honestly. And to be honest most conversations still get that answer. A few people know that’s my default and will push me further – and I always try to keep that answer strong. Some people know me and will push for an actual answer. But why do we not answer honestly from the start? Why do we feel the need to hide. 

Is it denial? Is it not wanting to let people in? Is it because we think it’s weakness? Is it because it will make it real? Or make us insecure? Is it because we think the other person has enough going on, or maybe they have only asked because it’s the done thing? 

What about. Maybe. Just maybe they asked because they actually care and want to know how you are. Your best friend, partner or even a complete stranger.

 So next time you get asked. Think about how you’re going to answer. What have you got to loose?


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