When do you feel Human.

What does that even mean?

Feeling ‘normal’ whats that? How can that even be defined. We are all so different. Yet – the function of the human body is based on an original mould. Through time – not everyone functions the same. Not everyone’s lungs work properly, or heart or arms or legs. So how can we possibly say it’s normal? What is?

Everyday we feel different. And I guess we feel very different now – to perhaps how humans felt many years ago. The many strains and pressures on us. The many things we do with our body that perhaps it wasn’t designed for. It wasn’t designed for sitting in-front of computers or operating small devises repeatedly with our fingers. Yet that what we all do. Right now. Phone, laptop, tablet.

No wander there is such a strain on the health system. We keep inventing things that are damaging us and putting more strain onto everything. Yet we keep doing it. We have to move on with the world. But maybe we need to stop. Look back and go back. Simplify.

I think we’ve gotten to complicated.



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