When’s the crash?

So sat on the train I come back to realisation after being lost in my thoughts of confusion and muddle. I became very aware that although sat my muscles are very tensed as if I am fully reliant on them keeping me still. I’m sat on a chair – there’s no need for this. I […]

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Am I fit for purpose?

Feeling as I feel, Thinking as I do. Out of control spirals line my view Some days more so than others They never leave my mind. The hurt and pain That will always stain My thoughts and feelings going forward. All through growing up at school everyone is so quick to point out our flaws. […]

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Will I ever get better?

A question I ask myself everyday. A question I really wish I knew the answer too. If only I had a crystal ball to look into deeply. **I will give a trigger warning for self harm just to be on the safe side. It’s not in depth but more the results of** I always feel […]

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One way ticket

Me. Something else or someone else. So many times one of these fits in. The amount of times I wish I could just buy a one way ticket to escape and not come back. Or to escape from something or someone else.  So maybe actually. Instead of sending another away I should just always send […]

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How are you?

A question always asked. But how do you really answer it?  I’m ok? I’m alrite? Yea good thanks? Do you completely ignore it and ask in return? Or do you actually answer exactly how you are?  My entire life has always been the first ones. Yea ok, alrite ta etc. It’s been a real challenge […]

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